Scribe Notes for 7/27/2011

As a group:
  • Met at 8:45 and headed for the train station.
  • Boarded train from Guildford Station at 9:34 and headed to Waterloo Station in London.
  • We boarded a double-decker bus and rode to Russell Square where we walked to Dicken’s House. Our tour guide was not able to accompany us through the house but we were given information guides about the house and the upcoming celebration of Dickens’ 200th birthday. There was also an informational movie that could be viewed on the lower level.
  • From there many went to the British Museum. Some of the exhibits visited included the Rosetta stone, mummies from ancient Egypt, ancient Greek and Roman architecture, medievall Europe crusader artifacts, and various other exhibits from around the world. At this point various groups split up and explored London.

  • St. Paul’s Cathedral - A 526 step journey to a miraculous view of London. The cost is £14.50, but well worth it!
  • King’s Cross Station/Platform 9 ¾ - Tribute to Harry Potter with a cart. This is free!
  • Globe Theater - The story of Henry VIII and his notorious second wife, Anne Boleyn, was on production for the evening. Groundling seats (standing) were phenomenal and costs £5.00
  • Strada - Chain restaurant throughout the United Kingdom. It has authentic Italian foods and great wine. There is also one in Guildford
  • Westminister Abby - This is a popular church where Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Katherine, recently married, as well as many others. There are many famous people buried there as well. The cost is £13.00 with a valid student id card or £18.00 if not.
  • Big Ben and Parliament
  • 10 Downing Street - This is where the prime minister of the United Kingdom lives.
  • Trafalgar Square - This is a large square with various shops and great photographic opportunities.
  • Buckingham Palace - A great opportunity to view the changing of the guard, as well as, view Katherine‘s (Duchess of Cambridge) wedding dress. The cost is £18.00
  • London Eye - A large ferris wheel that gives you a view from the top of London. A standard ticket is £16.74.
  • There were various other stops in pubs, cafes, shops, etc.

Note: Meet at 8:15 at the Senate House for our trip to Winchester and Portsmouth.

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