I went to the Tourist Information Center on High Street today to inquire about area walks and possible bike hires.  There are plenty of good trails but no bicycle rental place; although, there will be a new place opening in the rail station on the 1st of August (according to nice ladies in TI). The TI is not where it is on the map, it is across High Street from the location listed.   

I am planning to take the train to Salisbury on August 1 and doing a tour of Stonehenge and Old Sarum if anyone is interested.  I also think I will go to Bath on Friday, August 5.  The train for both of these destinations is less than 30 pounds round trip. 

In the meantime, here is a list of free things to do around Guildford:

North Downs Way - Long hike right outside of town.  See national trails website.  I plan on doing this Sunday during our free day if the weather is nice.

River Walk - Up to four mile walk through the town and by the river - easy and flat.  Maps are at the Tourist Information.

Free Guided tours - guildford.walks.org.uk - in the evening on the July 28 and August 4.  Those are historical walks; there is a free ghost tour on August 2 at 7:30p.

Free Guided Walks - www.guildfordwalkfest.co.uk - Sunday the 31st on the free day - Nordic Walk and Geology Walk (with a professional geologist)

Historic Places:

Guildford Museum (brochure says it has a variety of interesting things?)

Undercroft (some kind of underground trading post thing)

Guildford Castle Grounds (to go inside cost 2.80)

Guildford Cathedral (on campus)

Cultural Events:

Friday and Saturday are market days on High Street

There is a big Farmers Market with live animals on August 2 and July 31


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