Writing & Technology in Merry Old England
NCSU@University of Surrey, Guildford, England Monday, July 25, 2001
9:30 am
University of Surrey,
Bldg AC, Room 51&52

Facilitator: Ruie Pritchard
Note taker: Susan Szep
Attendees: Everyone except Tiffany – who did not make the flight and has not responded to e-mails so far.

Minutes Agenda item: Health & Safety Briefing
Presenter: Paul Daniel. Safety Manager
Discussion: 9:40 am – 9:50am
  • Information card handed out to all.
  • Procedures related to foreign evacuation – fire or other.  All alarms will go off – really loud.  Just make your way to nearest exit point.  Follow the green running man signs.  An assembly point would be good for us to have.  There are fire marshals wearing yellow who will direct us. 
  • Smoke detectors in the ceilings in each room are sensitive to smoke, hair spray, heat from hair dryers, steam from showers. 
  • If you observe a fire – just go to a corridor and find the break the glass box – press it and it will break and sound the alarms.
  • Medical:  from any university phone dial 3333 – and there will be someone on campus 24x7 to provide assistance.
  • Security: dial 2002
  • Laundry in bottom floor of Bldg AA.
  • Traffic: just watch out for buses.  They aren’t mindful of pedestrians or pedestrian right of way.  Use the pedestrian paths.
Agenda item: Intro & Report of Scribe
Presenter: Ruie Pritchard/ Kevin Barham
Discussion: 9:50 am – 10:05am

  Scribe now does not have to be so detailed (that was for benefit of people who were not present at previous sessions) – but should probably find out where people went and what they did during free time to keep notes up.

o    Kevin Barham – review of minutes from July 9th.
o    These will be posted on Moodle site.

Agenda item: Overview of types of writing
Presenter: Ruie Pritchard
Discussion:10:05 am – 10:45am Share one expository essay from each group with large group.

Theories of Discourse: Over the two weeks of our course, as students, we will be moving through the dynamics of discourse, scaffolding from what is happening now in the present (expressive) to the abstract.

For more information, please see comments[SGS1] .

§   Ruie asked us to share[SGS2]  how others taught us or how we instruct/guide students in new content.

o    4 principles:
1.     Deconstruction has a purpose for analyzing what you are reading.
2.     Piaget – student learns/retains only what is integrated with Prior Knowledge.
3.     Student learns from decentering – moving away from what you know to hearing what others know, to incorporating a distant audience.  Moves towards abstract thinking.
4.     Stage theory – you don’t skip stages – scaffolding important.

o    Belief in these 4 principles will result in a different writing program[SGS3] . 

Break @ 10:45 am

Agenda item: Overview of Types of Writing & Return of our Essays.
Presenter:Ruie Pritchard
Discussion:11:00 am – 11:25 am

Ruie will have us share 8 different essays over the week – not because they were “the best” but because they represent how we responded to the various topics.

·         Going against the norms – Kim & Leanne

Agenda item: Poetic Writing Into the Day: Bio Poems
Presenter:Ruie Pritchard
Discussion:11:25 am – 12:10 pm

Examples of poems handed out to model.  30 minutes given to start poem.
Post all to moodle by due dates – see the discussion thread.

Action items:
  • Personal Bio Poem.  Write & Date the poem - Due Monday, 7/25 - post to moodle.
  • Bio poem on a historical figure – see our syllabus on the moodle site.  An additional choice is a bio poem on a character (from a book?)  Due Friday, 7/29 - post to moodle.
Agenda item:Googlemaps and campus cataloging
Presenter:Kevin Oliver
Discussion:12:15 pm – 4:10 pm

Examples of maps that have been done & how this can be tied to our teaching.  Students can include citations and links to related sites.

Action items: 
  • Begin a 2 hour tour of campus to start our google map documenting our trip to England - Completed project due by the end of the England course.
Agenda item: Wrap up/End of Day Session Reflection
Presenter:Ruie Prichard/Kevin Oliver
Discussion:4:10 pm

Action items: (These links are on moodle daily.) Go to the wall wisher link – browse through the pictures and find one that triggers a response that you have had with a writing experience.   Due Daily!

Whoever wants to reach a distant goal must take small steps.


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