Scribe Notes by Julie Wesner and Rosemary Joyce
Wednesday, August 3, 2011

9:15 Announcements:
Ruie started the day with administrative details: packing the kitchen on Saturday, adding one more gathering/meal to the week (Asked who would be here Thursday, Friday and Saturday), helping to bring equipment back to the States. Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy, but our boat is covered. It may be possible to reschedule for today, but probably not because there is a prepared meal.
9:25 Structures for Summary Paragraphs presented by Dr. Ruie Pritchard
Paragraphs don’t always follow the standard format of topic sentence, details, concluding sentence. In small groups, the class practiced different ways to form paragraphs using “Structures for Summary Paragraphs,” including various inductive and deductive paragraphs.

9:55 The Great American One-Sentence Summary – Groups summarized their paragraphs using the formula for the one-sentence summary.

10:10 Small groups shared their paragraphs to show examples of the different paragraph formats. Then, small groups shared their one sentence summaries of their paragraphs. These one sentence summaries can be effective at the end of papers.

10:30 Break Leftover cakes from Chawton House

10:50 Six Word Stories presented by Donna Morrow
Six words that capture an idea. These are amusing, insightful and summarize an idea or feeling. We practiced writing our own six word stories and then shared our work.

11:10 Copyright Issues presented by Donna Morrow
Images that you have free use to use in your classroom cannot be posted on the internet by you or your students because that is technically republishing the image.

You and your students may use google images for presentations but may not repost on internet (i.e., Glogster).

YouTube has just created a “creative commons” area where images may be used freely by anyone. This idea is becoming more popular. See resource links on Moodle.

Cite images by pasting link under photo or state in a separate area (i.e., “Seagull photo by...”)

We practiced identifying whether different scenarios are fair use or not by taking a class quiz.

11:50 ToonDoo presented by Kevin Oliver. Can create comic strips between characters
Good for book reviews, short stories, summarizing chapters of novels to remember characters, explaining history, duologues.

Another similar program: Bitstrips for schools - can create individual student accounts- 30 day free trial, about $50/year.

12:15 Lunch break until 1pm

1-1:30 an overview of the last week’s scribe notes


1:30 to 6pm Students worked on their ToonDoon project, as well as posting items on their Moodle and Weebly sites

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