AnnMarie Anthony                                      

Scribe for July 26, 2011

8:30-9:00  Gathering

9:10  A reading from Jane on Jane Austen in the 21st century

9:20  Susan read through previous day’s scribe notes

9:25  Megan talked with us about Google docs and the power of online feedback for our students.  We explored Google docs to help us understand how this process would work with our students.  Google docs is in real time and provides an opportunity for immediate feedback.

9:30  Keshetta presented on how she successfully uses Google docs in her classroom 
* During this time, we also discussed what to do for students without internet access at home- some suggestions included students using the public library, going to a friend’s house, or staying after school to work in the computer lab.
* Everyone in the class then set up a Google docs account if they did not currently have an account.

10:10  Break

10:25  Ruie read to us while we kept our eyes closed, guiding us through a visualization of a room we created for ourselves- emphasis was placed on connecting with our senses.  We then wrote about this room we created in our mind’s eye.  Afterward, we worked in our writing groups to share our visualizations through Google docs.
-Ruie assigned a free write to have text written to practice revising strategies.  The topic is our first impressions of England.
-Kevin had us download “writing modes”  

11:40 Gareth talked to us about the history of pubs and taverns

12:35  The class formed pub lunch groups and took a lunch break (collecting video and pictures during the outing)

Approximately 4:00  After lunch, Gareth spoke about Charles Dickens.  This presentation included readings and paintings about Dickens and his works.   

5:20  The group was dismissed, though many people stayed late into the evening to continue working

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