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About 'Kooky" Keshetta Henderson

Cedar Ridge High School, Home of the A213 Sweeties, will one day be interviewed to speak about the "potential that was unleashed" since I first stepped foot into its doors eight years ago as an eager and passionate English teacher.   In those eight years, I've taught standard, honors and/or AP English 9-12, Senior Mentors, and NC Teacher Cadet during the day, during the evening, during summer school, over the phone, email, and even in my sleep.  This same eagerness and passion drove me to strive for excellence in my instructional approaches and believing that learning never ceases, I achieved my goal of receiving a Master of Education in Curriculum Instruction, English Education at NC State University two years ago; I dared not do a disservice to those placed in my care, for being ignorant and mediocre isn't acceptable; but, being a good example is. 

Unlike most who are in this field, "I want to be a teacher when I grow up," wasn't something I desired to do, nor chose; it chose me (seeing the desire I couldn't see) during my matriculation at Howard University (B.A. English 2001) while serving in AmeriCorps as a tutor/teacher's aide.  Two little girls longing to read and write birthed in me that unseen desire to obtain Secondary Education teaching certification in English from UNC-Wilmington in 2001. I haven't turned back since, for there is more work to do as I move into my ninth year teaching AP Lit & Comp, English 10, and Public Speaking to students who are waiting to be taught and to teach me what they know. 

In 2011, I want to be a better teacher.  I want to go into my classroom knowing that everyday will be different. I want to go into the classroom knowing that I will teach them, they will teach me; I will learn, they will learn.  Despite the frustrations, despite the negatives that educators face with budget cuts, mandates, _________ (you fill in the blank), despite the failed lessons, despite the students who give up regardless of the interventions I set forth, teaching has so many rewards that outweigh the forces that fight against it. I firmly believe this too shall pass. 

Why do I want to be a better teacher, why do I study to shew myself approved, why am I actively engaging in a once and a lifetime opportunity to travel with experienced educators of diverse backgrounds to the Univ. of Surrey in England  accepting the challenge to break new ground in the areas of Writing and Technology?  Simply because I joy in knowing that my learning never stops. I joy in knowing that students put forth the extra effort when they see a teacher is invested in their learning and not just getting the curriculum done.  The rewards are most profound when students are able to connect what they are learning to their lives, their world.  The most profound rewards are reflected in the silent and audible praise when they smile, or thank me, or come to me for help, or scream/curse, put their head down, walk out the door for I've caused them to think beyond the surface tapping into those lifelong 21st century skills.  The true reward comes when I get out of bed each morning, open the classroom door, and the A213 sweeties come in and in four years return with the glow of "I Can, I Must, I Will, I Did" Ms. Henderson and I am able to respond with a tearful Job Well Done!

May Merry Old England afford Kooky Keshetta unimaginable personal and professional endeavors to further ignite the eagerness and passion of the teacher she never thought she'd be back in 2003.  

ENGknhLAND's Adventures

Hello Family, Friends, Colleagues, & Students.  From July 23-August 7, I, Keshetta Nicole Henderson will be in England engaging in a writing and technology study abroad, offered by NC State University, along with 28 other NC educators, at the University of Surrey. 

Our journey began May 21st, and you'll be able to see those experiences via the class website (http://surreyteach.weebly.com) and my individual website, which serves as a graded e-portfolio.

To follow during my two weeks abroad, access any of the links* to the right. (By the way, I chose these modern technologies because I wanted to venture on some roads less traveled in the educational field, thereby enhancing my digital knowledge and skills, and hoping to find innovative ways to blend with my traditional instructional approaches. 


(thoughtful tweets of my travels)


Keshetta Henderson
(phenomenal photographs of my memories)



ENGknhLAND's Weebly Electronic Portfolio

                                      Note:  Full course details are only available via our private class Moodle.  
                                                           This electronic portfolio is revised daily. 

This section will house three of the five major assignments/projects required for successful completion of the study abroad course: technology, writing, and a final project. The other two include participation/attendance and assessment of impact on students. I've chosen to provide a brief blurb for easier navigating of my site.                                             

Component 1: Technology 

Objective: "Create a repertoire of various types and uses for multimedia by enhancing currently integrated digital tools, exploring new technologies, and reflecting on their applications within the classroom."   

As a tribute to my grandmother, Mrs. Florene B. Henderson, I've chosen to present one of the frame poems presented by Dr. Sally Buckner during the July 9 NCSU class session and interpret it using the the multimedia tool Windows Movie Maker 2010. 

"I Feel Good!!!" 

Animoto Slideshow-Unpacking Memories Parts 1-4:  Over the course of two weeks, I purchased souvenirs from Guildford, London, Winchester, Portsmouth, Oxford, and Chawton.  Unpacking my memories will

Unpacking Memories Part 1

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Unpacking Memories Pt. 2

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Unpacking Memories Part 3

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Unpacking Memories Part 4

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Component 2:  Writing

Objective 1:  "Compose an expository informal essay after reading Elliot Engel's
A Dab of Dickens, A Touch of Twain based on one of five options ( I chose option
1: explanatory essay): Write an essay describing and explaining how Dickens
might exploit our 21st Century environment for his self promotion."

The Resurrection of Boz

Objective 2:  "Using the James Moffett writing scheme of expressive, expository,
and poetic, produce and assemble by mode all required class writings, being
sure to exploit technology to accompany each writing." 

ENGknhLAND's Expressive

ENGknhLAND's Expository

Component 3:  Final Project 


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