Kimberley M. Crutcher

My name is Kimberley Crutcher and I am a Special Education teacher.  I have taught for three years in the high school setting.   I really enjoy teaching students with learning differences!  My biggest joy comes from seeing the light bulb "go off" for my students.   I really hope that I will learn some new techniques to help my students tap into their writing skills in order to help increase their proficiency with written language.

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Sun rays are beating down

Air, hot and thick like steam

Glaze of sweat over my body, I am krispy kreme’s

Air-conditioner provides refuge

Crystal water provides comfort too

It is summer in NC, fall is well overdue

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Generalizations Supported by Instances (expository)-

While walking around in various cities in both England and Ireland, I have observed that the fashion of European women tends to be more fashion forward than that of American women.  Leigh Ann Alford lived in London for a period of time and observed that styles worn by women in England during that time did not become fashionable in the US until a year or more after her time there. Europeans catch on to fashion trends before Americans making their style of dress more progressive at any given point in time.

Most would agree that New York, Milan, London, Paris, and Madrid  are the fashion capitals of the world.  Ironically, four out of five or 80% of those cities are European cities.  Due to the fact that 80% of the fashion capitals are in Europe, European women have more access to current fashion trends. American women must look to New York to fashion trends, but considering the geography of the US and the lack of high fashion designers based out of the US, European women dress better than American women.
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