Tanya E. Watson, M. Ed., Tanya E. Watson, raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, graduated from
Francis T. Nicholas High School.  She entered  the University of New Orleans in 1992 and transferred to Southern University at New Orleans as an education major with an emphasis in English education.  
Watson completed her BA degree at her alma mater and went into the school system the following year at Alfred Lawless Middle/High School; there she worked as an English-language arts teacher with 7th/8thand 10th grade students. 

Five years later, Watson transferred to Livingston Middle School where she taught 8thgrade for five additional years, during which time she served as department chair, team leader, student mentor, chair of numerous committees, and was recognized as Teacher of the Year.  Watson transferred back to her first school, where she taught English II– IV and remediation to 10th-12th Graders—a position she lost along with her home, church and other volunteer experiences in that area due to the forces of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

In pursuit of her master’s degree, Watson was fortunate to have North Carolina State University accept her as a degree seeking student in 2006. She worked at the Witherspoon African-American  Cultural Center library under Mrs. Sandra Dunn as well as substituted in middle and high schools in the Raleigh, NC area. After receiving a master’s of education, she was accepted into the doctorate program, where she continues to work towards her doctorate degree in Curriculum & Instruction.  During that phase of her program, she worked as a graduate student at the William Friday Institute under Dr. H. Spires. She also became a Capitol Area Writing Project Fellow, worked as a University Supervisior for incoming teachers, and participated in a number of workshops, institutes, conferences, poster sessions, and speaking and teaching engagements, including New Literacies Summer Institute, National Writing Project, American Educational Research Association, National Council of Teachers of English, and NCSU Teaching Fellows. 
After graduation, Watson plans to move to Georgia, where she will use her education, gifts, and talents in the public
school sector and work on other educational opportunities and endeavors involving youth.


Tantalizing, typical, trying, trustworthy

Daughter of Mr. Ro and Kissy Face

Sibling of Linda, Action Jackson, DJ Ro and Nellie Bell

Lover of God, unity and teaching

Who feels sad about the deaths of Little Kaylee and 85 Norwegian

Who needs to understand why young lives are not valued,

Who gives much mental time to thinking of such things,

Who fears that her compassion for those who harm children is severely limited,

Who would like to see stricter laws for harming the innocent,

Resident of a broken world, America


If I were to see her oblong shape from across the room,


I’d know so quickly that it would be her...

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Favorite blue ink
For those calming moments,
Crimson when I'm in the business
Of making good better,
L o n g  
free strokes flowing off the line
Signs and signals of power
Written between fading margins
Computers moving into your territory
Never will you be obsolete.

       Walking around the University of Surrey was by far one of my favorite activities.  There was never an uneventful walk for me; nature accompanied me on each stroll.  The plants and landscape as well as the many animals casually walking the campus brought out the naturalist in me and in my writing and technology efforts!  I found in my journals several descriptions of scented flowers, enormous trees, honking pigeons, meowing cats, and colorful butterflies.  This video was inspired by my awe of nature and the source of her.  tew

Toondoo About An English Local

On a pub excursion, I was fortunate to come across an Englishman!  Pubbing along with Keshetta, Julie and Ann, the George Abbott Pub not only opened our eyes to liquid pleasures to taste but also opened us up to John, a true English gent.  These videos and the accompanying toon are based on that wonderful experience.

VIDEO ONE - "It's A Pub Life"

                                           VIDEO TWO - "A Master At None"

A Conversation at the George Abbott Pub in Guilford, England