I am an English teacher at Durham School of the Arts and have taught there for eleven years. I have taught sophomores primarily but the past two years, I have had four classes of seniors and one sophomore class. I love what I do for a living, where I teach, and the young people I teach. Every year, I return from summer break with a new perspective, a different and better way of teaching. It is this continuous self-learning that inpires me to continue to teach. It offers me a daily and yearly opportunity to grow as a person and to meet the needs of my students.

I attended North Carolina State University for my Bachelor's and Master's degree. Last year, I completed and earned National Board certification. It seems like earning my doctorate is my last accomplishment! I am currently in England through a Study Abroad program with State, studying how to integrate technology with writing. It has been a fulfilling experience, and I am looking forward to implementing what I am learning in my classroom.

When I am not teaching or learning how to teach better, I am the mother of a four year old and the wife of a chef.  My family is my greatest accomplishment, who also provide me the balance I need between work and play.

This ToonDoon is my Expository writing of a Duologue. I hope to use it as an instructional tool: a preview to our reading of All Quiet on the Western Front. During this unit, we read several short stories and poems that analyzes different perspectives of war. The international students offered a cultured response and also revealed a more "sheltered" approach to war.... or perhaps it is me who is naive....
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In a church 800 years old

In a city 200 years older

stands a girl

thirty six years old

touring Westminister Abbey

... See my Tabblo>

Both Tabblos  are my Poetic expression.

If I saw

his long hobbit feet

dangling over his toddler coverter bed

I'd know it were my son

Spiderman on one hand

Captain America in the other

If his hands smacked together my cheeks

before planting a kiss

I'd know that those hands would be

sticky and fruity

with the smell of Jell-O or yogurt

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This Prezi presentation will be my Expressive piece since I will share with my students the photos and film clips I took during my trip in England. I will also use this presentation to introduce the Canterbury Tales.