Susan Szep

Career & Technical Education Teacher/Foreign Language 
Apex High School

I provide new knowledge and skills to young adults, teaching them to communicate effectively using different digital tools:  through instruction in Microsoft Office, Web Design and Digital Video Production.  
I bring experience as a CPA in industry to the classroom to make learning real for students.
  • National Academy Foundation Fellow – chosen to pilot a Digital Video Production course and proof an exam for a Web Design course.
  • 100% Club member in Wake County – with all students in a class scoring at competency levels on state level Career and Technical Education exams.
UNC-Chapel Hill, NC - BSBA
Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA - MBA
Meredith College - Teaching Licensure

Samples of student work connecting British Literature to today, from a class I co-teach with Cindy Francis, are posted on our class wiki, using pbworks.

Six Word Story of my experience with the NCSU Writing and Technology seminar using Wordle

Wordle: Accountant writing poetry:  comfort zone breached.


3 Multi-modal pieces demonstrating:
  • Demonstrate the ability to capture an experience
    Google map of our review of Places To Gather and Eat
    Created jointly by Cindy Francis & Susan Szep
    Voice thread - a short expressive piece written in the style of Firor based on my visit to Berlin.
  • Demonstrate the ability to appreciate differences in culture
    Toondoo - an expository piece based on my interview with Gao-Yuz (Gow Yu-ah,) whose English name is Jessica.
    Fairy Tales We Tell our Children.  How the stories we tell our children reflect our culture's values.
  • Demonstrate the ability to share and instruct
    Laundrette instructions - an expository piece, created using Adobe Premiere Elements, and posted not only here but also on our Surrey wiki: